About Patiphon

Patiphon is a digital music and information distribution service, serving musicians since 2008. Patiphon has identified the need and comfort of digital distribution, and realized it while applying a green and resource-economical agenda. .

You make the music we'll do the rest

The service caters to the needs of musicians , music labels, artists' managers, public-relations professionals and radio and television professionals in the music world. We are particular about the high professional standard that we provide in terms of single quality, single art and its presentation to the media. We reveal your music to the world and insure that it reaches places and people that could present it to the audience. .

Our technology at your service

The days of plastic CDs distribution are over and contemporary digital distribution is the new era. Patiphon, as a leading pioneer in this digital distribution revolution, is a tool that provides peace of mind to musician who wishes to continue to create, and to the music editor who needs to manage the abundance of content continually received. .

Tailor-made by us to your needs

We bring our extensive experience in the world of technology, copyrights, production, Internet and business and our intimate knowledge of the way the music industry works. Our goal is to change, improve, enhance and provide a pleasant and comfortable user-experience. We take pride in our clear and easy-to-navigate user-interface so that anyone can manage it by himself.

One location- Many eyes

Every day more media and content professionals join Patiphon's service and become registered users. Each of the users receives a personal mailbox, available to him at anytime, anywhere. Within seconds after a song is distributed through our system it is presented to such registered users, who later on may write about it, talk about it and broadcast it.

One system - a range of possibilities

Using Patiphon musicians can distribute singles, albums, video clips, and press releases, attach links, add promotional information and more. Media professionals can keep in touch with new content, create personal catalogs and manage a personal information and music database.

A green and environmentally friendly solution

We are environmentally conscience. Now we can all contribute to a plastic and cardboard saving environment and save on mail and courier costs by using Patiphon's service. Now, even cleaner! !

Patiphon for the community

Patiphon is a contributor and partner to activities that aid, promote and create awareness to the needs of individuals and communities who benefit from such exposure and for which such exposure may lead to improved chances. We do our best to achieve this through the tool we have- music. !

Business cooperations

Patiphon has fruitful collaborations with the leading companies in the music industry worldwide. We always have an open channel for you and will be happy to recommend additional services, provide information and expand your business networking for you and with you. We are eager to collaborate and invite you to contact us with any idea, suggestion or question. Hoping to hear from you!

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